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Is Your Site Fast?

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Half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds and will probably abandon your site at 3.

Web site load speed is proven to effect conversion rates. Our results show that speed improvements can result in significantly higher ranking as well.

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Why Does It Matter?

Off Page SEO Results

Speed Helps


It's proven, the top 5 results get 75% of visits in searches, with the lucrative #1 position being rewarded with 35% of all traffic.

Our data also indicates that faster, greener sites often achieve higher ranks than sites with poor performance.
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We are absolutely confident our Green Boost Plan can increase your sites rank and do so fast. Why not take advantage of our simple risk free offer?

Performance Based Pricing means you only pay for actual improvements in rank.

What score does Google give your website?
Page Speed Results
Google PageSpeed Score

THE Google Page Speed Analysis shows you how well your site is structured for speed in just a few seconds. Even better, Google provides free recommendations on improvements to boost your speed.

Don't be dismayed if you discover that most of their technical recommendations require a skilled web developer, we have a solution for you.

Our Green Boost SEO Plan gives you the benefit of increased rank with no upfront payment.

You pay a one time fee only for the number of positions your site increases in rank.

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Green Boost SEO Plan

It's a fact, most websites aren't as fast as they could be and this often decreases their rankings.

In addition, most site owners leave the critical tasks for improved speed undone because they are often too technical for the typical web designer. That's where our team and expertise come in.

We'll implement as many of Google's recomendations and improvements to your site as your current web platform allows access to.

You pay only if your site goes up in rank and only for the number of positions your site actually rises.

Green Boost SEO Pricing

Our Performance Pricing is simple:
No charge until your site is on to Page 1 and then pay a minimal fee for each rank your site rises.

Use the following chart to figure your end costs.

For Example:
If your site goes from #26 to #6 in rank
your cost would be $125.00,
$25 bucks for every first page position your site increased.

If your site increases in rank from #6 to #1
your cost would be $350.00,
$25 bucks for each rank for each result from #5 to #7,
with a slight increase when your site rises into
the top 3 money positions.

You pay a one time fee only after our work delivers increased ranking for your site in your category.
We simplify SEO so you can focus on your business!

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The Money Positions

What do we mean by the money positions? This means being in the top three results for a given term or phrase.

The percentage of traffic you can expect to recieve in these positions, according to Search Engine Watch is...

  1. 32.5%
  2. 17.6%
  3. 11.4%
  4. 8.1%
  5. 6.1%

While being on the 1st page of Google is great, you're probably only going to see profit from it if your site is in the top three, preferably at #1.
Proven Results Fast

The best part of On Page efforts is that the search engine see them quickly and often increase your rank in a matter of days.

On Page is faster, smarter use of web design funding because you get results faster. It also insures that your investment in off site factors such as link building provide 100% maximum return on their investment.

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Are Your Customers Finding You?

Interactive Marketing in Charleston

Every time they click a mouse or touch a screen, Internet users move closer to making the contacts and purchases they are looking for. If they aren't on your website, they are finding what they are looking for on your competitor's.

Creating awareness and presence in your online market is the first step towards gaining market share. Yet, this is only the first step, all the traffic and rank in the world from your Charleston SEO or PPC campaign is wasted unless your copy and design convert visits into sales.

Internet Marketing Campaigns that Drive Conversions

Charleston-SEO marketing campaigns deliver meaningful traffic to your website, social media pages, and mobile sites. You do have a mobile version of your site, don't you?

Our purpose-driven marketing innovations generate traffic and convert that traffic into sales. If you need more customers, and course you do or you wouldn't be reading this, contact Charleston-SEO today and let's strike up a conversation.

Customized Marketing Solutions

We are full service internet marketing agency headquarted in Charleston, SC. Our marketing strategies are custom designed and implemented for each individual client, whether it is PPC, website design, mobile development or anything in between.

We don't offer one-size-fits-all marketing, because one size NEVER fits all. Each campaign involves a thorough research of your industry, competition, and position in the market. Some companies sell pretty websites, while others help you get found. Charleston-SEO gets all the gears moving in the right direction so that all you have to do is say Hi World, it's nice to meet you.

Internet Marketing

Responsive Web Development


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