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Page Speed Analysis Tool

Visit Google Page Speed Insights Tool.

In a few seconds you'll get a free report with a quantitative score on how fast and efficient your site downloads as well as how mobile friendly it is.

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Page Speed Analysis Score Low

Follow Google's Advice.

Improve your site, measure your progressive. We've seen sites jump to the money spots in a matter of days just by enabling the full set of Google's recommendations for speed.

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Page Speed Analysis Tool Score High

Access Off Site Optimization

Now that your site has reached it's full On Page potential, it's time to benchmark your Off Site Factors.

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Brett Singelton
Brett Singleton

Charleston-SEO is a privately owned company headquartered in Charleston, SC. Launched in 2012 by Brett Singleton, we specialize in mobile sites and responsive design.

Brett has a wide range of experience in many fields of digital media, he has worked in both the music and film industries, and is well versed in communication and marketing via internet technologies. His experience in graphic design began in the early 90's when he began designing logos for a variety of businesses.

He began his immersion in web development in 2001 and has been a professional designer and developer since 2008.

In 2009, he began app and mobile phone development and now he is doing responsive design and incorporating User Experience best practices into his creations. He has played a crucial role in the launch of several nationally recognized web applications.

His biggest success to date is a landing page tied in with a marketing campaign that propelled Rachel Cosgrove's book, "The Female Fitness Breakthrough" to #1 on Amazon in the Sports & Fitness category overnight.

His interests include running, kayaking, sailing and anything to do with art. He is addicted to dogs, wild life, and advancing his skill sets a little further every day.

He has proven his ability to launch successful web campaigns many times over and takes pride in helping his clients reach their goals.

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