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Breaking out of the box.
In the three months since we moved heavily into search engine optimization we've placed 53 pages on the first page results of major search engines for their keyword categories and better yet, we currently have 15 sites that rank in the top 3 for their categories with 6 of them coming in at number 1.

"We currently have 17 sites that rank in the top three for their categories with 6 of them coming in at #1."

What's really significant about this accomplishment is that all of these rankings were achieved with white hat seo targeting organic seo growth. Normally it takes an average seo company three months to get results due to the time it takes Google to index links back to their site.

Five of these sites came into the Google index on the second page initially and were on page one within three weeks.

This early initial success is a result of on-site optimization practices, the way we structure architecture and navigation and the way we use in site linking and image optimization as well as some of the cutting edge server techniques we implement to make sure our sites are as fast as possible.

The results are possible because unlike a lot of our competitors, we are full fledged web developers and designers and experienced in working with the many coding languages needed to deliver a superior website.

A lot of competitors don't even offer on-site optimization because they can't hand code a website. How can you tell if the seo company you are considering is able to deliver fully optimized sites? By looking at the code, if you do a view source on their code and see "wp" showing up a lot in it, they are using Wordpress, probably because that's the only way they can build a site.

While Wordpress can be a great platform if correctly setup, it still takes some knowledge of coding to get it up to peak performance.

So before you get tied in with another company that doesn't offer on site performance, we suggest you contact us and get a free evaluation of your on-site seo. Call us today at 843 568 5936.

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