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Have you ever had your site's SEO health checked?

Analyzing your site's SEO health is an important step to take in laying out a strategy for ranking well in search engines.

There are two areas of SEO that must be addressed to gain ranking power, one is on-site SEO, the other is off-site SEO. On-site deals with issues on the site, the nice thing about on-site seo is that it is normally an easier problem to address than off-site seo because you shouldn't have to wait for other people or companies in order to fix these problems.

"There are two areas of SEO that must be addressed to gain ranking power, one is on-site SEO, the other is off-site SEO."

Of course, that last statement is based on the assumption that you have a web master that responds quickly to your needs, which is not always the case. (Call Charleston-SEO if you have this problem and we'll get you squared away quickly!)

Off-site issues in your seo can be a little more time intensive and trickier to address, since it will take a while for the search engines to recognize any links you have added or disavowed.

The biggest part of off-site seo involves link building, but with the Google Panda and Penguin updates, the emphasis has to be on the quality of the links, instead of the quantity. We see examples all the time of sites that only have a few hundred links outranking sites that have ten thousand links.

If you've worked with SEO companies in the past who put up thousands of low quality links for you, all they really did was hurt your rankings. Luckily Google has announced a new tool that lets you disavow links, basically telling Google to ignore that link to your site, as a way of helping you regain decent ranking for niche.

If you'd like to do some basic analysis of your site on your own, check out this Charleston-SEO post on site evaluation. It has lots of links to sites that can help you gauge where you stand in terms of search engine optimization.

If you are serious about organic search results and would like us to conduct a free analysis of your site and the competition in your niche, contact us today and start a conversation. 843 568 5936.

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