Planning Your Online Success

Brett Singelton
Brett Singleton

Discover Search Opportunities.
How do we set about building a high performance internet marketing campaign for your company?

Initially, we seek out search opportunities by listening to the conversations your audience is having about your niche. After finding the best keywords for your business to target based on what potential clients are searching for, we create a strategy for directing your efforts

Optimization Of Pages For Targeted Ranking.
The next step is to optimize your site for the traffic opportunities we've located. Often this involves structuring your site architecture and redefining your content strategy in order to attract the right people to the right pages on your site.

Conversion Optimization
In order to capitalize on the traffic coming to your site it needs to be optimized for conversion. This involves identifying why your customers aren't converting and correcting those issues to increase your sales. From the copy in your search results snippet, which should attract visitors to your site, to the layout of your pages. We can advise you what's needed to make the most of your online marketing.

Increase Search Visibility
Our monthly SEO plans help your site rank higher and increase your site traffic. Our Charleston SEO services are customized for your business and designed to generate higher revenue through top notch SEO consulting, analytics, cutting edge insight and high quality outreach.

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